McDonald's Chip & PIN Upgrade

The Details

Since 1974, McDonald’s has been a part of the UK. There are almost 1400 restaurants to be found in a variety of locations such as; traditional high streets, shopping centres, retail parks, roadside locations, leisure centres, railway and airport terminals, as well as motorway service areas. McDonald’s are renowned for being the pioneers of the drive-thru restaurant concepts being the UK and world leader in this sector.
McDonald’s requirement to always be compliant and to transact their customers data in a safe and secure manor, lead them to upgrade their entire Chip and PIN hardware estate. This also gave them the opportunity to refresh some aging devices for the very latest models. They needed to do this within a tight timeframe and to a very high standard, enter Celestra!


1375 Sites across the UK

Install Days

18 Week project with 133 sites visited per week

Devices Installed

Over 12,000 devices installed across the UK