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Since 1974, McDonald’s has been a part of the UK. There are almost 1200 restaurants to be found in a variety of locations such as traditional high streets, shopping centres, retail parks, roadside locations, leisure centres, railway and airport terminals, as well as motorway service areas. McDonald’s are renowned for being the pioneers of the drive-thru restaurant concept and are the UK and world leader in this sector.

As part of their strategy to improve customer experience, they developed their Experience of the Future concept to implement across their UK estate. This involved a complete operational platform change to facilitate the shift from counter service to single/dual collection points. As a McDonald’s trusted IT Partner, Celestra work closely to provide high quality installations at each site to facilitate streamlined operations with new innovative technologies.

Key Highlights

  • 1200+ Sites
  • 18 Screens per site
  • 65 different types of technology
  • 50 Strong Engineering Team
  • Kiosks, DMB, Aircharge


Hardware Installations

Our client says...

"Celestra continue to deliver to an exceptional standard. Their work continues to help us improve our service and ultimately improve our customer experience."