Enhance the vacation by retailing the destination

Within the retail and hospitality industry, local and community are two big trends appealing to consumers. Coupled with the added emergence of online booking services like Airbnb and reviews sites like TripAdvisor guiding consumers, this has led to communities thinking creatively to deliver value and entice extra income from passing trade.  

Travellers want to be immersed in the experience of local boutiques and bijous eateries, and the culture from the area is so important as part of the experience. This has led to hosts and letting agents curating interiors with furniture from local artisan craftspeople or selling local produce. The result is both parties mutually benefit from a much larger pool of potential clients.

A great example of this is Yellow Block BnB in Brooklyn, where they have worked with a local bakery producing their own ‘Yellow Bagel’, what’s more, quintessential than a bagel in New York, right?! Both parties now benefit instantly from visitors being locally aware of both businesses and the online community presence is increased through social tagging and sharing.

  Enhance the vacation by retailing the destination Celestra Business EPoS & IT Services

Other businesses have worked with local health and wellness businesses to attract this growing trend of consumers. JW Marriott Hotels and Resorts have started to curate tailored workout plans and have linked with celebrity fitness ambassadors to deliver services for the health-conscious traveller.

The luxury hotel market has also seen similar service curating actions. The upscale boutique hotel The Mark Hotel in New York City has forged partnerships with other luxury brands and businesses in the local area. Its fashion-conscious guests can travel easily to Bergdorf Goodman in a complimentary Bergdorf Goodman Express pedicab if they so wish and even get access to 24-hour personalised shopping service. There is even inhouse hair salon and even a shoeshine kiosk if your kicks need a spruce up. By offering everything that their patrons need they encourage repeat visits.

Collaboration, however, isn’t only restricted to the independent hoteliers or is restricted for the smaller local businesses. Some travellers prefer the idea off staying with larger brands because of the trust in what they get, but these multi-sites hotels are still using other brands to deliver a positive personalised experience for customers.  

Enhance the vacation by retailing the destination Celestra Business EPoS & IT Services

Premier Inn, for example, markets its collaboration with the mattress brand Hypnos delivering the best night’s sleep while on your travels. This relationship works both ways with Premier Inn delivering that perfect stay and Hypnos having nearly 72,0000 ‘sales floors’ up and down the country in 780 hotels. They hope that once users experience the mattress, they will be converted into making a purchase.

 Enhance the vacation by retailing the destination Celestra Business EPoS & IT Services

Through understanding consumers needs and the continual rise of smaller, savvier establishments entering the market. We will inevitably see a huge change in the way we travel and engage with the world and the things we choose to spend our money on. It’s an interesting time to go on holiday, bon voyage!