Bringing cocktails to life

If you’ve ever visited The Alchemist, then you’ll know they don’t do things by the norm. ‘Masters in the dark arts of molecular mixology and demons in the kitchen’ the experience is not like your typical restaurant bar outing.

Taking millennials by storm creating an insta-worthy experience; smoking, bubbling and even colour changing cocktails, the sight of a boomerang video isn’t uncommon. Just searching the location tag on Instagram your feed is full of pictures of quirky food and drink.

The Alchemist one of ‘THE’ places to visit for cocktails. Popping up all over the UK with 15 venues and a second location in Birmingham soon to be their 16th. It’s clear to see they’re doing something right to attract the punters.  Their recent experience launch, The Conjurer, focuses on cocktails inspired by childhood memories. Although this may not initially make you want to run to your nearest venue, the feature of making your cocktails come to life may just sway you.

The Conjurer Experience ‘merges the power of mixology, technology & design’ it’s a unique and out of this world experience. Experiencing The Alchemists dark arts in augmented reality form. Simply download the Conjurer app and experience a drinking session like never before. Choose your cocktail from the selection of 6 specially crafted concoctions. When the cocktail arrives, open the app and focus your camera on the coaster, sit back and let the magic begin.


Utilising augmented reality in this experience means customers who generally take a snap or two when presented with a cocktail can now bring it to life. This feature works seamlessly with the brand and its aesthetics. Using the feature to ‘cast spells’ on cocktails, intriguing customers, encouraging people to visit. Taking the social media savvy consumers by storm, tapping into their target consumer who wants to be snapping the moment.

It’s also a clever way for the brand to upsell products. The conjurer experience requires a minimum of two people. Including 2 augmented reality cocktails and 3 sharing plates priced at just £15 each. With a normal cocktail pricing at roughly £9, you’d be silly not to opt for the experience. Having this offer they encourage customers to stay awhile, enjoying food as well as drinks they may be more inclined to make extra purchases, more food or try a variety of cocktails on offer.

The Conjurer Experience entices customers to try more than one cocktail. If you try all 6 you unlock the hidden elixir, if that’s not an excuse to spend your day drinking mysterious cocktails, I don’t know what is!

Above all The Alchemist manages to keep one step ahead of its competition. With no other UK restaurant chain yet using augmented reality as a feature of the dining experience. As it’s something new to the industry, they’re driving experience forward. Demonstrating it’s not just about what you serve your customers it’s about how they experience it. This results in the likelihood of repeat custom and why brands need to be innovation market leaders.

Their expansion of venue openings shows no slowing down, with competitors likely to follow in their footsteps utilising this technology to attract consumers. What’s the next step for technology experiences in hospitality?