Behind the Scenes: How Celestra Does Seamless Connectivity at Premier Inn

This morning, I had the chance to visit Premier Inn Avebury and see firsthand how the Celestra team sets up fibre cabling between the building’s three communications cabinets. It was fascinating to watch, especially considering the challenges posed by the building’s height and layout.

The fibre cabling connects the three cabinets, ensuring a smooth connection across the site. This minimizes delays and provides a seamless experience for customers. What impressed me was the extensive planning and precision required for laying the cable routes. The team had to cleverly navigate the building’s height to connect the cabinets effectively.

I also learned a lot about planning new cable routes. It’s not as simple as it might seem. Each site has unique architectural features and constraints, so the team must tailor their approach accordingly. They start by mapping out the most efficient routes, considering existing infrastructure, potential interference, and future scalability.

Watching the Celestra teamwork was a lesson in precision and planning. They meticulously measured and marked the paths to ensure the cables would run smoothly from one cabinet to another. They were incredibly efficient and mindful of minimizing disruption to the customer experience.

Speaking with the Celestra Project team, I gained more insight into the level of planning that goes into each Premier Inn site. Each site presents its own logistical challenges due to its unique layout, making a bespoke approach crucial for success. This case-by-case strategy is what allows the team to overcome the specific challenges each site presents.