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The #allstars ride dragons for the Milton Keynes Hospital Neonatal Unit

Posted 17 July Josef Hoccom

The #allstars ride dragons for the Milton Keynes Hospital Neonatal Unit and come in a respectable 8th position, well done team!

On the weekend the #allstars attended the Bedford River Festival Dragonboat Race in aid of Milton Keynes Hospital Charity. The team of 13 paddled across the 200 metre course on the River Ouse. Competing against 36 teams in an attempt to bring home the Dragonboat Champions title. This is the third time the team have entered this competition and this time they placed 8th. They narrowly missed out on the semi’s by 100th of a second with a total overall time of 104.27 (race times below). In every race the team showed fighting spirit, and everybody put every bit of energy they had into it.

So far, the team have raised £533.58 which will go towards the Neonatal Unit at the Milton Keynes Hospital. It’s an amazing amount and will sure to make a difference on the ward. If you would still like to donate to the MK Hospital Charity and the team. Visit their Just Giving page click here Any amount you give will be graciously received. Thank you.

The team raised sponsorship through a raffle, where prizes were donated from local companies and they also collected on the day during the festival itself. For six years the Celestra #allstars have been raising funds for the Neonatal Unit at MK Hospital. It’s always a pleasure to support this worthwhile cause. Our partnership with the Charity has raised over £11,000. The funds are always put towards items that really make a difference to the patients and their families on the ward. The last fundraising event, The Nuclear Races in 2017, raised enough funds to produce some Baby Diaries. These help vulnerable families navigate this difficult time. Read about how the #allstars raised funds for this event here.

The team also donned their dragon-tastic bespoke shirts which really made them stand out from the other teams. Wherever they were you knew they were an #allstar!

It was a fantastic day full of sunshine, friends and family including some fury supporters Hugo and Ben, Shelley’s pooches. The Paddlers would like to thank everybody who supported them. Including the guys and gals from Secklow 100 Dragonboat Team for all their support on the day.

Celestra would also, like to do give a special mention to Shelley and Lauren. For all their efforts and enthusiasm across the whole process of the event. Shelley organised all the training sessions and they both got there early on race day to set up the team camp. The ladies managed the team on the day and at one-point Shelley also got into the boat as a drummer and screamed so loud she lost her voice! you go girl! These two ladies, along with Jan, were integral to figuring out the strategy of the team. As well as making sure everybody had a laugh!! Well done ladies, it would not have all happened if it wasn’t for you!

Corporate fundraising officer for the MK Hospital Charity, Michaela Clark. Who also, supported the team during the training sessions before the event said:

“It’s great to have support from Celestra once again; they are always full of enthusiasm and come up with some fun ways to raise funds for our Neonatal Unit’.

Thanks for becoming an honorary member of the #allstar team Michaela. Maybe next time we can persuade you to get in the boat!?

Head of Sales and Marketing for Celestra Glen Irving said:

“It’s great to be involved with the Neonatal unit which has supported members of our team here at Celestra in the past. We understand the vital work that this unit does first hand in supporting families and it’s a pleasure to help where we can. I’m also immensely proud of the team for competing and positioning where they did. Well done team!”

The Results

Team Name                                         Race 3 Time                  Total                              NOTES

(Best 2 Results)

    1. Tribe                                                        50.05                          92.99                          Personal Trainers
    1. The Ampthill Extras                             48.47                           97.70                          Ampthill Rugby Club
    1. Clapham Karate Club                          49.29                           98.99                        Karate Club
    1. Bedford Philipino Community           49.38                           99.46                         Some strong competitors
    1. Knights of nohow                                 50.59                           99.71                         Construction
    1. Willmott Dixon The One Team          52.67                           103.03                       Construction
    1. Pushers & Pullers                                52.78                           104.27                        Engineering
    1. Celestra Allstars                                   51.16                            104.28                         EPoS Services
    1. Dragon Heights                                   52.73                           104.54                         Office Space
  1. The Ouse Bandits                               52.80                           104.55                         Bedford Rowing Club

Race 1 Celestra Time           –                       54.16

Race 2 Celestra Time           –                       53.12

Race 3 Celestra Time           –                       51.16

At Celestra we take part in a number of charity events throughout the year, check out our other escapades here:

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