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Celestra celebrate success with the Apprenticeship Scheme

Posted 07 July Allan Gallop

Last year, Celestra decided to add to their workforce through the recruitment of two apprentices. As a local business, Celestra fully appreciate how important it is to professionally develop young people at the beginning of their career. As a result, Celestra welcomed Curtis into the Technical Services department and Liam into Business Administration.

The Celestra Apprenticeship program has been aided by a partnership with 3AAA. This has meant that both Curtis and Liam have been given support in both a professional and educational capacity. Their apprenticeships took place for 12 months and because of their hard work and dedication to their progress at Celestra, they have both been offered and have accepted full time roles.

Curtis and Liam have been a credit to the Apprenticeship Scheme, both have become pivotal parts of the Celestra team and this has been recognised amongst their colleagues. Respectively, they have both been awarded the coveted Shining Star Award. This award is given to Celestra employees who demonstrate the 5Cs as part of their job role. Curtis and Liam during their time with Celestra have demonstrated what it is to be a Celestra star.

“During the past year I have gained many skills and experiences which will help for my future career. Celestra has supported me through the progression of my apprenticeship by offering help with my coursework and allowing me time to complete coursework within work hours. I am very appreciative that I was treated equally with my workload and trusted with tasks that my fellow colleagues could do. Celestra is a great place to work and is well known for raising money for charity such as the Costa Foundation, Milton Keynes Hospital Charity and Children in Need. Children in Need Week was an especially fun experience and I could not believe that any company would allow staff to take part in games and activities during the work day to raise money for a great cause. Working for Celestra has increased my confidence and encouraged me to come out of my comfort zone. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to have carried out my apprenticeship at such a supportive company, and I’m also very proud and grateful to have been kept on permanently to proceed on my career with Celestra”.
Liam Shinners
“I started at Celestra June last year as a Technical Services Apprentice. When I started, I was quite nervous, but  I soon found my place in the company and quickly began to enjoy the job and the people I work with. With the help of my manager I was able to juggle working and course work and was always supported along the way. As my apprenticeship is now finishing I look forward to working at Celestra for many more years.”
– Curtis Ellmer


  • “We are extremely proud of Liam and Curtis and it has been fantastic to see them at work, developing and growing in both a professional and personal capacity. The Apprenticeship Scheme has been more than we could have expected. It has put an emphasis on giving young people the confidence to learn and develop a career at the same time. It’s been great for everyone involved with Curtis and Liam to see how much they have grown in this time. Overall, our experience with Curtis and Liam has put us in good stead for welcoming future apprentices into the world of work at Celestra.” Marie Bunning, HR Manager

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