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Celestra attend the Integrated Systems Europe

Posted 12 February Allan Gallop

Our first observation of this show is WOW! The walk into the first hall is a similar experience felt by those who first walk into Times Square or as you get off the train and walk out to the streets of Tokyo. You are first hit with a wall of colour and visual experience which is quite overwhelming, you just do not know what to look at next.

Integrated Systems Expo - FlagsThere is a staggering amount of choice which makes it an ideal place to see what is new and to learn and engage with new suppliers and innovators. We are looking to bring back ideas and solutions that will give our clients the best solutions that not only works for today, but as they grow and develop their services. We are definitely in the right place!


This variety of choice is one of the shows biggest challenges. You need to take your time to orientate where you are and what it is you are here to see. Then you need to engage with the right people; that is if they are not already engaged with the 60,000+ other attendees!

So after our first visit what have we learned? Well we know that the change from the traditional paper menu boards to digital is here and happening now. We know that the need to integrate new technology into existing systems is a must; and we know that there is even more choice than we knew about.

Celestra Move Forward with AV & Digital Media

LG Video Wall

Celestra’s heritage is engrained in EPoS and IT Services, and continues to be today. But as a result of Celestra’s growth and increased client base, our services have needed to evolve to meet the expanding needs of our clients. Celestra’s focus remains with its clients’ service requirements which are now concentrated on advanced technologies driving a better customer experience. Ultimately, there has been an evolution in IT terms from the humble cash register to the significant increase of technology that is seen today. Celestra clients such as McDonald’s, Costa and KFC are at the forefront of introducing new technologies that streamline and enhance their service and their customer experience.

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market have been quick to adopt this Digital Media technology, which is now expanding into the Hospitality industry as a whole. The use of Digital Media and AV allows a greater ability and more flexible approach to engaging with customers. This provides both big and small brands the chance to share dedicated messages, be swift to change and ultimately deliver an enhanced and more engaging customer experience.


Celestra’s very foundation is to manage, deploy and support. This, as a result has delivered us many opportunities to implement the AV technology expansion projects. Celestra’s clients seek one supplier and one agreed service standard with the reassurance and knowledge that they are a part of some great innovation. To deliver this it is imperative that Celestra are involved with great manufacturers with exceptional service delivery. Therefore it only made sense for Celestra to attend the largest AV & Digital Media Exhibition.

Ultimately, we know that choosing the right Hardware, Software and Support Partner is crucial in winning this important consumer battle ground over the coming years.

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