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A day in the life of a Recruiter. My top tips for acing an interview at Celestra

Posted 01 August Josef Hoccom

We love getting the lowdown from our HR team and finding out more about our careers. We asked Anna Mach Lai, our Recruitment Coordinator, what her thoughts and tips are when it comes to making it through in an interview at Celestra and bagging your perfect job.

What is a typical day like for a recruiter? my top tips for acing an interview at Celestra.

I joined Celestra less than a year ago as a Recruitment Coordinator, but don’t be fooled by my job title, I manage all the in-house, full cycle recruitment within the business. I recruit for all positions and departments within the company. For all things recruitment, I’m the person to talk to!

My typical day-to-day varies from screening candidates and conducting interviews, to taking the hiring manager’s job requisition and preparing them for second stage interviews. I would also be looking at the business recruitment needs with senior stakeholders and supporting with strategic plans to ensure recruitment is streamlined to avoid any disruptions to the efficiency and workflow of the business. Things can change rapidly within recruitment, so it’s about being proactive as well as being reactive.

Below are my tips when it comes to making yourself shine when applying for jobs.  I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing your CV in the pile – check out our employment opportunities here, come and join the team!

Your CV

When screening candidate’s CVs, my top tip to making a CV stand out from the rest is keeping it simple! I could be dealing with anything from 6 vacancies up to 20 vacancies simultaneously, so you can imagine the level of applicants I will be screening at one time.

Keeping it simple could be from a clean presentation to a very concise list of your job responsibilities – don’t over complicate it by adding a paragraph of your own biography when I would very much prefer saving that for the interview and learn about you then! On average, I can go through over 10 interviews just to find the right candidate for a role, so it’s crucial to have a matching personality to a CV that stands out!

The Interview

I’d like to think a perfect interview is when an applicant leaves the Head Office feeling like they’ve expressed a true reflection of their skillset and experiences and have gained a better understanding of our Company and the role they had applied for. It’s very important that interviewees don’t let nerves get the better of them. It’s good to be nervous but don’t let it get in the way of expressing yourself!

Come prepared, whether it’s a little bit of research on Celestra’s background or what we do. Be sure to know the job role you’ve applied for and how it is relevant to you and your development. I’m not one for sticking to the script of questions, I listen to my interviewees and will often find myself bouncing off from them with more questions – always elaborate your answers with examples!

The type of characteristics I look for when interviewing, is someone with integrity, holds the same core values as our 5C’s, and someone who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves as no two days are the same at Celestra!

What is it like at Celestra?

We may be considered a young Company but we’re aggressively growing. 18 months ago, we were circa 70 employees, and we’re now just shy of 130 (and still growing!). During my time here at Celestra, I have seen a vast growth of new starters, progression within the business, as well as a great deal of personal developments. Whether it be supporting in different projects or getting a taster of a completely new role in a different department. Majority of the roles I’m dealing with are new roles due to growth, so it’s an exciting time to be joining us. Send me your CV and I’m sure we will find a role that suits you!

If you think you have the right skills to join our team here at Celestra check out our casting call page. We all look forward to seeing your CV soon!

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