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Wi-Fi Tricks and Treats

Posted 30 October Abbi Knowles

There are many Wi-Fi tricks and treats that are not being fully utilised. Some often seem more like common sense than a trick, yet some big brands are still getting it wrong.

Happy Halloween

Personalised Pumpkins

Every year approx. 10 million pumpkins are produced for Halloween in the UK. No matter how many pumpkins you buy and carve, no two pumpkins will ever be the same. Similarly to pumpkins, customers are all unique. Before customers interact with a brand, they have their own thoughts and experiences and have subsequently carved their way to a certain opinion, positive or negative. Therefore, brands need to understand and acknowledge each customer’s uniqueness with dedicated campaigns and activities.

A great way of demonstrating that you fully appreciate each customer is giving something back that they truly want. The delivery of tailored communications through beacon technology is a great use of online and offline data. This consolidated data creates a single customer view which in turns allow brands to create personalised content that customers really want and value. By treating each customer as a single person and not as a whole public, it highlights that they are special and are valued as individuals.

The trick is to remember that enhancing customer opinion and experience is not a mass exercise. It is about building and maintaining relationships, therefore it takes time, much like carving a pumpkin.

Halloween dough balls

Connectivity Cauldrons

It is great that more establishments are offering free Wi-Fi. What isn’t great is signing up and the connection being so poor that it doesn’t actually work. This is not only frustrating, but can result in a poor reputation for many brands.

Much like witches creating a bubbling potion in a cauldron, it is important to ensure that all the right ingredients are included to ensure that Wi-Fi is resilient and reliable. There are many elements to consider when developing the infrastructure and network for a suitable Wi-Fi offering. It is important to note that each Wi-Fi network should be bespoke to suit the needs and requirements of particular business functions.

In summary, don’t get caught short in trying to create one magic potion for Wi-Fi. Make sure you get the full impact by determining all the necessary ingredients early on and ensure they are bubbling at full capacity.


The Toffee Apple of Wi-Fi

The biggest treat of Wi-Fi is much like the toffee apple. To get to the apple, you really have to get your teeth into the toffee. What this means is that Wi-Fi also has layers. Wi-Fi is not just a technology installed to help a business function on a daily basis and/or to connect to the internet. Once you get beyond the technology of making it happen, and making it happen well, there is the communication between the brand and the customer with relevant content. It is this communication that develops the relationship and in turn enhances customer experience.

The toffee apple of Wi-Fi is the complete package of technology and content. Once this is fully understood brands can really develop their Wi-Fi and deliver personalised content to the right person at the right time.

Blue Toffee Apples

Remember to download our latest case summary on Wi-Fi by Celestra – Prezzo

We hope you enjoy carving pumpkins, eating toffee apples and lots of other sweets over the weekend.

Happy Halloween from everyone at Celestra


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