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What does Digital Media Boards really mean to the customer?

Posted 07 February Allan Gallop

What are Digital Media Boards and how do they benefit the consumer?  If you have ever worked in a chain restaurant or a high-street store, you will be very familiar with the massive deliveries from head office that contain promotional posters, new menus, sale signs and much more. These are always planned and sent ahead of time, therefore you need to find somewhere to store them. Some are reusable i.e: 20% off sale does not date, which means that they need to be looked after and kept in a reasonable condition and easily accessible.

If you haven’t ever worked in an environment such as these, it is hard to imagine the small tight spaces that are hidden behind the large open shop floor or the bright spacious restaurant. Now, these spaces are taken up by computers, safes, charging stations for tablets, comms cabinets to house their central infrastructure, paperwork piled high. Then you have to find some space for all the printed signs head office has sent you!

McDonald's Trafford Centre 1

Now, more big brands in both Hospitality and Retail are investing in Digital Media Boards. Not only to alleviate the cost of printing and the problems with storage but to offer more discounts, more regularly that are more relevant. It’s all about more, more, more.

Brands can now create campaigns and promotions centrally from Head Office and send them directly to the screens in store. It’s quick, it’s seamless and Head Office can be fully in control of the content. What more can you as for? The only risk is the business network. Without a strong, solid infrastructure there are vulnerabilities, but these can easily be resolved to ensure minimal downtime.

So what does this mean for the customer? Ultimately the investment in technology by these big brands is to encourage footfall into stores and restaurants, therefore what do Digital Media Boards do for customers that they haven’t already been exposed to. Well, the keyword for this answer is choice!

By enabling this streamlined process, customers are now given more promotions, more options no a menu and so much more. Gone are the days of looks at a set of specials that haven’t changed in a couple of weeks or seasonal menus that remain the same for months. Gone are the days for winter and summer sales, there can be regular discounts at different stores all the time.

Without even realising the full extent that Digital Media has, the customer experience has been elevated and that is what investing in streamlined technologies provides.

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