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What a relief, I may never have to try anything on in a changing room again!

Posted 30 May Allan Gallop

I love shopping! One of the greatest elements of the change in shopping habits isn’t just that there is more availability online, but that I don’t have to go to a shop and get all hot and bothered trying everything on!

Supermarkets now offer a variety of ways you can collect your shopping: Click and Collect or Home Delivery and more retailers are adopting these methods. If you walk into a Marks & Spencer, there are now giant Tablets designed to help you order in store if an item isn’t in stock in your size. Retailers are focused on their customer experience and the easiest way to convert them into sales.

Marks & Spencer Browse and Order

The Digital Transformation has now made its way into the clothes we purchase!

At the RBTE in March, I overheard a conversation about digital changing rooms. Initially I thought this would be for the likes of myself sat on my lunch break or of an evening putting virtual clothes onto a body that was similar to mine on my desktop or tablet. However I couldn’t have been more wrong. The likes of Ralph Lauren and other retailers are taking this opportunity to entice their customers to buy by offering them a chance to sample their clothes by doing nothing more than standing in front of a mirror. These interactive fitting rooms have been designed to bring online to an offline environment. By merging the two, retailers are now closer to delivering completely Omni-channel experiences.

The likes of Burberry in particular have been making a real impression in terms of their digital transformation. You walk into their London Flagship store in Regents Street and you are greeted with the tallest indoor retail screen along with another 100 screens that engage with customers as they walk around the store. Most impressive, is that RFID is woven into selected apparel and accessories. As you walk past one of the 100 screens, this triggers bespoke multimedia content, relevant to the products. Burberry has transformed its brand from what could have been seen as a dated British heritage brand, to one that is at the forefront of setting retail trends across the world.

Burberry Digital Transformation

It’s important to make those first steps towards setting up a base infrastructure for retail technology.

You will notice in a lot retailers, staff are using tablets – Whilst they are most likely being used for stock management and payments, retailers are investing in their technology to ensure they are ready for the next big thing. Therefore, by already investing in an infrastructure network and Wi-Fi to accommodate tablets and payments as well as guest Wi-Fi, incorporating new emerging technologies should be virtually seamless.

Virtual Changing Room

Whilst I am not entirely sure when we will be able to walk into a retailer on the high street and head straight for a strategically placed mirror and select clothes from the store or online, it is exciting to think that shopping is always being made easier! Keep an eye out when you are next searching for that special dress or tailored suit, it might be easier to pop into a store than search from your device.

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