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Welcome Windows 10!

Posted 31 October KVA Digital

Microsoft recently announced the release of its latest operating system, Windows 10. The name took many users by surprise as it signified a big jump from the previous version – Windows 8. Described as the “one application platform”, Windows 10 certainly shows progression in binding the way users work on all types of devices. From tablets and phones to Xbox game consoles and PCs, Windows has been redesigned for everyone.

To the delight of many people, this operating system marked the return of Window’s trademark ‘Start Menu’. In addition to offering a list of the user’s favourite applications, the Start Menu delivers new improvements such as resizable tiles. Tiles have been added to the menu to allow users to personalise their space with their favourite apps, people and websites. This area also provides a quick view of notifications from error messages to email previews and social media updates.

Windows’ ‘Search’ function has also returned. It is now available both in the start menu and task bar, providing results not only from the user’s PC but the internet. Other features include snap enhancements – a new layout which allows up to four apps to easily be arranged on the same screen. Taking advantage of the multiple desktop function, the user can also easily switch between different desktop screens.

Microsoft has offered a “technical preview” of Windows 10 to early adopters. The preview allows tech enthusiasts to see new features as they are built. This software development process will ensure user’s feedback is implemented into the next version of windows.

Reportedly over 1 million people have already downloaded the Technical Preview, sending over 250,000 pieces of feedback to Windows. Last week Microsoft rolled out build 9860 – the first update of the Technical Preview. Whilst the release date for the final version of Windows 10 is still unknown, Microsoft has revealed details on what can be expected. Whatever the launch date, it will be interesting to see if this version of Window’s operating system really is a perfect 10!


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