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Wi-Fi is changing the customer, or is it the other way around?

Posted 07 September Allan Gallop

In this day, it is realistic to believe that the majority of the population in the developed world uses a device that connects to the internet via Wi-Fi or a mobile network provider. That said, whilst technology has advanced we have accepted the changes without really raising any questions. We accept that TVs, home heating along with kettles and fridges can now be connected via Wi-Fi for you to manage from your mobile without thinking about it. Therefore it is not surprising that we can lose track of Wi-Fi’s purpose and how it can really benefit us on a broader scale.

Technology has changed and so has the customer!

Mobile Evolution

As a technology, Wi-Fi is no longer just an access point for the internet. It allows different technologies to communicate with each other to one or multiple end users! There are many ways we use Wi-Fi. For example, from the comfort of your own home you can download and stream content direct to your TV. Alternatively, if you venture out for dinner, connecting to a restaurant’s Wi-Fi service can enable you access to their APP, which in turn can make your experience easier and more streamlined when it comes to payment. We quite simply take these experiences for granted as they are now part of day-to-day life.

Opinions vary, but it cannot be denied that the customer journey has changed. That, alongside the multi-screening population we have become, means that even when out for dinner, people want to stay connected; whether that be Facebook check-ins, checking the football score, or even catching up on favourite TV show. What better way to add value to an establishment, in such a competitive market, than to facilitate the customers’ access to the internet.

Does it cost anything for the customer?

Customer Data

Don’t forget, a service always comes at a price. As a customer the cost is your data. It is not unfair for businesses to ask and can offer you many benefits. Just be sure that you fully understand them before sharing your information. you

Whilst many pubs and restaurants do provide a Wi-Fi service of some sort, some still haven’t made the switch. Keep an eye out when you are next in a chain or local restaurant, and have a think about how you would like your dining experience to be enhanced and how your connectivity plays a part.

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