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Rise Of The Tablet

Posted 16 October Allan Gallop

Mobile technology continues to shape how we dine, shop and spend our leisure time. Providing the ultimate digital entertainment solution, tablets have become an integral part of the in-store customer journey. Our clients are looking at ways to bring innovation to the customer experience. Public facing tablets bring the digital age direct to the customer. Celestra is working in partnership with Weblib, a French company who design and deploy software for tablets, applications and Wi-Fi throughout the world.

Weblib Celestra - Picture 1

Whether you want to play Candy Crush or check emails, tablets in-store need to provide customers with a secure and user friendly environment. Weblib’s unique software restricts the end-user’s access, ensuring the tablet settings cannot be modified in any way. This is ensured whilst offering what appears to be full functionality through a bespoke designed software suite. The built in user session system guarantees that the tablet is wiped out clean after each user. In addition to security, this solution supports digital signage, allowing any kind of advertising or marketing messages to be displayed when the tablets are not in use.

Focusing on enhancing the customer experience, Weblib’s solution gathers real-time tablet analytics from the number of users, most used applications and most visited websites. Customer satisfaction surveys are also pushed to the tablet, providing users the opportunity to reflect on their visit. These results are available to both Head Office and the individual store, helping them to improve and evolve.

Weblib Control Tower - Picture 2

All aspects of this software is managed through the Control Tower, which is an online platform hosted by Weblib. The Control Tower monitors the tablet, manages its content and provides real-time metrics. All content is centrally managed, giving stores the capability to change their background image, screensavers and applications. A great feature of the Control Tower is its ability to send live updates and applications direct to the tablets. This ensures changes can be made quickly and conveniently, allowing the App Store’s latest craze to always be available!

Celestra’s role is to bridge the gap between the client and Weblib, completing the configuration and installation of the tablets as well as ongoing hardware maintenance. Our configuration experts load a custom ROM onto each tablet device. This ROM is directed to the Control Tower to download all the client’s specified applications. Following this, each device is configured with site specific content. Once our Technicians have completed their robust testing phase, the tablets are securely shipped to site. Onsite, our Engineers install the tablet and connect it to the WiFi network. Some sites may require power or a shop fitting solution, our skilled and professional field services team are able to complete these requests to enable a smooth installation experience.

McDonald's and Costa Galaxy Tab

In addition to Costa Coffee trialling this technology in Heathrow Terminal 2, Celestra is deploying this solution across the McDonald’s UK estate and Europe as part of their new concept, focused on implementing interactive technology. We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with Weblib, delivering tablet rollouts in a timely and cost effective manner to the retail and hospitality industries.





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