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In the unfolding new normal and as the ongoing pandemic guidance changes week to week, It seems that hospitality and the leisure industries are going to be the focus of ever-changing guidance over the coming months. Its hinted that the most recent guidance (24th Sept 2020) could be in place for the next 6 months if conditions don’t improve. It’s now more than ever we have seen the benefits of technology and how it could support already struggling industries long-term.

Celestra’s new concept is to alleviate the complexities of gathering and handling Track and Trace data according to government guidance. The device is an interactive touch screen encased in a splash-proof, easy accessible hygienic case which can either be mounted on a pole or used as a handheld device for staff members. By having these devices it allows hospitality businesses to focus on a safer and more streamlined service without wasting valuable serving time on data entry duties.

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Key Highlights

  • Remove the administration process of staff using paper collection systems.
  • Durable to withstand frequent usage and everyday accidents.
  • A versatile solution that can be used within a variety of interiors.
  • The device can be used to conduct multiple tasks during any one shift. Remove fixed device at night and just charge.

Did you know?

Take-up of the NHS COVID contact-tracing app launched in England and Wales could be as low as 10% in some places. Much below the anticipated NHS, 80% anticipated target suggested in April.

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