Beanstore EPoS Upgrade
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Marston’s have been running pubs and brewing beer for over 180 years. They now have around 14,000 people working across their traditional locals, family pub restaurants and fashionable town centre bars, brewery teams and distribution fleet. Marston’s pride themselves on creating venues where their customers can socialise, celebrate, commiserate, relax, reflect, regroup or simply enjoy a cold beer or a bite to eat at the end of a long day and are the best that they can possibly be. They are also one of the country’s top pub businesses and the leading brewer of premium cask and bottled beers operating operate six breweries producing over 60 of the country’s best-loved ale’s.

Celestra has been working with Marston’s since 2016. This fledgeling relationship then developed and lined the way for Marston’s to then utilise Celestra’s knowledge and expertise gained from years of experience with previous large-scale installations. Celestra at every level was able to support, consult and recommend solutions around existing problems and the project became more extensive through joint knowledge.

The project was a triumph due to the synergy of those involved. From our Partners teams through to our very own Project Management, Warehouse, Configuration and Engineering teams. Without their comprehensive and expert craftsmanship, this project would not have been such a success.

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Key Highlights

  • 4,000+ hardware Pieces Deployed
  • 1055 Go Lives
  • 900 Sites Cabled
  • 43,920m of Patch Leads
  • Bespoke Belt Printer Solution

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Our client says...

"The rollout process in place worked well ensuring all the EPoS equipment was built and shipped to the pub on time. Engineers arrived promptly on-site and had the knowledge to upgrade the EPoS system successfully therefore we had no delays. Overall, the rollout was a big success!” Sarah, Marston's