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Pokémon Go - An opportunity for Retailers and Restaurants!

Posted 19 July Allan Gallop

The likelihood of you not knowing about Pokémon Go is very low. So low in fact that this whole blog is focused on the assumption you, as the reader, fully understand all the terminology.

As the author of this blog (Abbi Knowles) I cannot deny that I have played, walked around the office (rather secretly) and attempted to try and “Catch ‘em all”. All part of my job to understand new trends – at least that was my ready-made excuse.

In all seriousness, there are new trends that are going to naturally emerge from this game. The idea that Mixed Reality is making the mundane magical and that retailers and restaurants are going to be able to cash in on sponsored Poké Gyms and other points of interest in the game.

Although with the current excitement, it is difficult to determine the trajectory of interest moving forward, what better opportunity to get involved with something that is this revolutionary than sponsoring an element of the game that gets your location/business on the Poké map and gets you more passing trade!

I can imagine even now, searching for a Poké Gym, and finding my local pizzeria – then deciding ooh, I might as well have a bite to eat. Or go there for the specific purpose to eat and catch Pokémon. All whilst using the guest Wi-Fi so I don’t use all of my precious data.

As a complete non-gamer to date, this is a revolution in augmented reality that is going to transfer us into more of a digital world that could change, at least for some of us. The way we shop, eat and potentially the way we interact with each other altogether may change! Who knows, we just need to wait and see. In the meantime, i am going to try and “Catch ’em all”!

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