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Our Commitment: Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 05.01.2021

Posted 05 January Josef Hoccom

As we have now entered the third lockdown period, I wanted to take the opportunity to provide you with an update on the business.

I wanted to assure you that the Celestra team is doing everything possible to support your business during this time of crisis. As the Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Industries have been hit hard. This has meant site closures across all our customers, and as a result, levels of IT projects, IMAC & support activity have dropped significantly or ceased completely. 


In the short term, the good news is that we do not anticipate that lockdown will have a significant impact. Providing that we continue to work in a COVID Secure way the current guidelines allow us to continue as ’normal’. We are working closely with all our customers to better understand this and any potential impact it may have on the marketplace.


Celestra will remain fully operational with our office-based teams working from home. Our Warehouse & Configuration Centre in Milton Keynes will remain open and will continue to serve all your IT requirements.


Celestra will continue to follow the advice from the UK Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation during this pandemic. We will continue to keep the lines of communication open to all customers during this time.


Finally, I would like to thank everyone for their efforts in ensuring that we are working in a COVID Secure way. I appreciate the difficulties in maintaining these practices over a sustained period, but we need to ensure that we maintain a high level of adherence, now more than ever. 


Be assured that Celestra is in a strong financial position, with a fantastic team, a solid client base and will continue to be ready and waiting to thrive again as this crisis comes to an end.

Best regards & stay safe

John Williams | Director | 01908 889 500

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