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Oh no! I’ve left my wallet at home! How am I going to pay for my dinner!?

Posted 26 February Allan Gallop


We have all had a moment where we are out for dinner with friends, family, colleagues or clients and gone to retrieve our wallet or purse only to discover it is nowhere to be found. In that moment of panic, you realise you have left it in your desk drawer, the car or even in a different handbag. The most awkward part, depending on who you are with, is admitting your situation and then it is figuring out how to manage it.

So many restaurants and pubs have introduced the likes of Apple Pay to make payments easier for their customers, however not everyone has that capability. With the high likelihood of customers owning a smart phone, more restaurants and pubs are creating their own APPs. These are not only used to share information or to give discounts, but also allow customers to pay.

There are two options with APP payments, some brands have chosen to develop their own APPs requiring customers to download the APP and load their card details. On the other hand, there are APPs such as QKR! an APP payment service available to multiple brands. Therefore you only need to upload your card details to one APP, rather than multiple APPs. Both have their pros and cons, however the ultimate end goal is to streamline the customer experience.

The great thing about APP payments is the flexibility it gives the customer. Not only can customers now pay whilst their food is being cooked, but it means you don’t have to sit waiting for a member of staff to notice you are ready to pay.

I want to pay with the APP but I have no signal!

APP payments


We have all had the moment of waiving our phones in the air trying to get signal to make a call, let alone trying to get 3G signal. Ultimately, if you don’t have a good data connection on your phone, or the Wi-Fi is not reliable, you physically cannot use an APP for payment. As a result, lots of brands are recognising this as an issue and more are providing their own guest Wi-Fi access.

A great example of connectivity and APP payments is Prezzo. They have streamlined their services by providing their customers with free guest Wi-Fi and an APP that gives them an option to pay at the table. This approach means that customers are completely in control of their dining experience and no longer have to wait for their bill to pay at the end of their meal.

For future reference…

Next time you get caught out without your purse or wallet and cannot use Apple Pay, let’s hope there is great connectivity and an APP you can use! Or that you have chosen to eat at Prezzo.



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