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So fast it's hot, stop, eat and go! Check out these cool pop-up restaurants

To be honest, we have all seen it. Stands in the middle of a shopping centre that catches our eye because it’s new and we haven’t seen this before. From pastel pink converted VW Vans that sell ice cream to...

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Pop-Up Retail. Transforming shopping into an experience

We have all seen it, stands in the middle of shopping centres. They always catch our eye because it’s new, even if they are a little ‘meh!’. Occasionally though, something interesting pop-ups every now and again that really sticks in...

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Does size really matter? Could small-format stores reinvigorate the high street?

With the high street becoming a much more difficult landscape to navigate. The state of mind that, ‘the bigger the store the better’, seems to have gone out the window as retailers start to streamline and adapt their operations to...

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A Smart Home = Smart Living. Why are companies keen when it comes to a smart lifestyle?

Since the 60’s we have seen huge leaps and bounds in human/technology harmonisation. We have seen assistant technology and home devices pop up here and there, but it wasn’t until the rise of smartphones and the launch of services likes...

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Food for thought, don’t let food waste leave a bad taste

We’re already seeing changes in consumer attitudes towards food and the types of food we are choosing to eat. With the rise of vegetarian, vegan and free-from diets, many UK restaurants are tuning their menus to cater to this transition....

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All aboard the ticketless express!

With an increase in interest around quicker and automatic payments alongside the need for easier and more efficient interactions. We have seen companies start to invest heavily in automatic systems which aim to make our everyday lives easier. See the...

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