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How can digital signage improve the customer journey?

The history of the high street is littered with brands that have come in and out of fashion. Recently we have seen a massive change in the way that brands now interact with consumers in order to get the footfall...

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Transforming the airport retail experience

Having just been on my first holiday of the year, coming back to work and instantly feeling those holiday blues gave me some inspiration to research into airports, specifically the retail experience. While high street retailers are struggling to increase...

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How can technology inform customer choice? All your concerns on one screen.

Healthy eating focussed recipe books flying off bookstore shelves, Athleisure dominating the fashion industry, and if you’re not doing it yourself, you’ll know someone doing Slimming world or another diet. The health-conscious consumer has created a shift in demand. As...

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Becoming a tech-savvy restaurant

With Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain going into administration, it comes into question if restaurants are unprepared for the consumer digital demand. Do restaurants really understand the opportunities of being a tech-savvy eatery? The digital demand The fast-food restaurant market has...

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NRF 2019, Out 'n' about with Glen

New York, New York, let’s start spreading the news. Another trip to the Big Apple for NRF is over for this year, I thought I would put into words my experience out ’n’ about in the city that never sleeps....

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Un-wrapping 2018

As we wind down for Christmas, we thought we would reflect on some of the things Celestra has been lucky to be involved with this year. We can all agree that 2018 has been one of relentless change and development....

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