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Amazon Prime Day, the biggest rise in online spend!

Back in July Amazon hosted their member exclusive ‘Amazon Prime day’. If you’re not aware of what it is, Amazon Prime Day is a 48hr event where Prime members have access to exclusive deals, offering customers large discounts on top...

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All aboard the ticketless express!

With an increase in interest around quicker and automatic payments alongside the need for easier and more efficient interactions. We have seen companies start to invest heavily in automatic systems which aim to make our everyday lives easier. See the...

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Think globally, act locally

There is an initiative recently for companies not only to produce what is needed for the consumer but to also encourage better consumption habits which in turn reduces the operation costs and the effect on the environment. Unilever’s Cif initiative,...

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Receipt or not to receipt, that is the question

Emailing receipts isn’t a new concept but with many companies still using paper-based printing methods when it comes to identifying purchases. With  others completely paper-free, we wonder, will we ever feel completely comfortable leaving a store without this little slip?...

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Do something drastic, cut the plastic!

Sustainability is on everybody’s lips currently. With this increased awareness around environmental and ethical issues, there has become a mounting pressure towards companies to be more transparent about how they operate. Zara recently hit the news stating they will tackle...

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The death of pubs. Is facial recognition the answer?

A cup of tea, fish and chips, and of course the British classic, the pub. All these things are typically related to British culture and enjoyed by most of us, one way or another. However, on average 14 pubs are...

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