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It's our 10th Birthday - Discover our Shining Brightly Journey!

Posted 31 March Allan Gallop

Celestra’s heritage is founded on the experience of our Directors, John and Mark and their desire to better the industry of service delivery in EPoS and IT installations.

“Knowledge is Power, but experience builds the platform for leadership.”

Francis Bacon – adapted

If there is anything to take from our milestone birthday, it’s that our founders, John and Mark along with the Celestra team are leaders in Serving Star Solutions.

When you reach a milestone birthday, it’s a great opportunity to reflect, think about how you have got to where you are and think about the future.

A Message from Mark & John

Mark and John 5C's wall who we are

“When we look back over the past 10 years, it’s difficult to really believe it has been that long.

We have only ever wanted to do our best, and it is our people; our stars, that have helped us make that happen. Our Clients also, who at the very beginning had the belief in both our teams and us as individuals and shared our vision to join us on this adventure.

Whilst a lot of our blood, sweat and tears has gone into making Celestra a success, we know that without our amazingly hard-working stars and our Clients, we would not be here to continue Serving Star Solutions.

The future for us is definitely bright – watch this space for new and exciting times at Celestra!”

We’ve asked some of our team what this milestone birthday means to them…

Celestra Team Photo - New Building
Visiting our new premises – Celestra / James Way

“It’s a great chance to celebrate in true Celestra style with people you consider as family”

“When I started at Celestra, I was in my 20s, I was young, free and single. Now I look back and I have a wife, 2 children and a great career to go with it.”

“We are celebrating our success, not just as a company, but as the team that have got us to this point and will continue to do so”

“At every level, we all feel a sense of pride”

“How do you put into words the feeling of that achievement that you work for a company that can say they deliver exceptional services to massive brands in Hospitality and Retail?”

With lots of exciting plans on the horizon at Celestra, make sure you watch this space as we continue on Shining Brightly.

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