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ISE Amsterdam – My Top 3 in reverse order…

Posted 12 February Allan Gallop

Last week we ventured over to the wonderful Amsterdam for the start of the Integrated Systems Europe trade show. With temperatures considerably lower than in the UK, the walk around 15 significantly large halls was a godsend to keep the blood flowing. With so much to see, I have selected my top 3 companies/technology that I think are ones to watch out for!

3) Scala Beacon Technology – Order Ahead Coffee Solution

Taking a selfie on a touch screen kiosk when you are ordering your coffee and displaying your face all over a digital signage board in the store for the rest of the morning commuters to see…sounds horrendous right? Get over yourself! It’s an absolute hoot! When your drink is ready you even get a little printed sticker on your cup with your name and your lovely picture on it. Seriously makes someone smile in the morning and pull your best cheesy grin.

Scala Beacon Technology

2) Samsung FLiP

It started with a simple goal = to simplify office meetings…What was presented was a stunning 55” UHD Digital Whiteboard that can be flipped between portrait and landscape and comes with a height-adjustable stand on wheels. It’s an e-board, it’s touch screen and comes with a passive pen that feels as if you are writing on paper! Up to 4 people can use the screen at the same time either using the pen or their finger and you can send and receive files through both wireless connectivity and USB, PC and mobile ports. It’s a pretty nifty piece of equipment that would certainly put paid to the usual Monday morning Yawnsville meeting syndrome.

Samsung FLiP

1) Glory Star Group

This company is a leading provider and manufacturer of android kiosk solutions however what I saw blew me away! Their TAD -028 2.8” OLED screen was a really eye-catching piece of technology that I could envisage working in any UK Pub/Restaurant/Event. It is a lightweight Video Name Badge that a magnetically clips to your shirt/jacket/dress etc. which has a 2gb internal hard drive and an 8hr continuous play battery life that is not just aesthetically beautiful but was an enormous talking point at the show. I spent 2 days being wowed by screens that seemed to have no limit in size and where bigger was certainly the order of the day, but on stand 8-A120 these guys proved that good things really do come in small packages.


Always got to comment on the best freebie (see image below) -Tech Data Maverick AV Solutions.

Best Freebie - Tech Data

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