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Hospitality & Retail Trends 2016 - Merry Christmas from Celestra

Posted 23 December Abbi Knowles

2015 has been an exciting year for us all at Celestra. We have broken our fundraising records for both Little Lives and Children in Need. There has been a structure change that has introduced new roles and new departments. We have grown exponentially through our staff and through the services that we offer and that growth is set to continue well into the future.

Whilst planning 2016 and what key activities are due to take place at Celestra, it is vital that we look at what our Clients are doing. As a result, we have identified 3 trends that will be helping drive the Hospitality and Retail industry forward for the New Year.


Mutual gain across multiple departments

IT departments are implementing the latest technologies that can scale and last with its business needs. Marketing departments on the other hand want the next big thing that can put them ahead of the competition and give them the biggest competitive advantage. These two departments, especially in such a competitive industry such as Hospitality and Retail, rather than working alongside one another are merging their business objectives and therefore their strategies to create robust solutions that can benefit both parties.

This idea of working comes as a result of requiring a Single Customer View and therefore data is needed to deliver more dedicated campaigns. This is where Marketing departments working collaboratively with IT departments ensures there is access to the latest in data capture technology in both online and offline capacities. As a result, this will mean a combined budget from two departments to implement dedicated technologies that provide mutual benefits.


Minority Report Shopping Experiences

We should all have seen The Minority Report with Tom Cruise. The scene where he walks into a retail outlet and the advert board recognises him and makes suggestions that “should” be relevant to him. Even though he has another person’s eyes, the principle is there. This year we saw a lot more in terms of virtual and augmented reality and there is lots of talk that this could be even more prominent in 2016. Whilst we aren’t quite ready for advertising boards that recognise everyone by their eyes, there are similar opportunities with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Beacon technology and mobile APPs that can consolidate online and offline data even further to offer ever further bespoke offers.

Minority Report

KMS & Smart Ovens

We have been working with Hospitality Clients for years to help them streamline their efficiencies between front and back of house. Kitchen Management Systems give a busy Kitchen that is working to full capacity complete structure and gets them to focus on the food and getting it to the customer. However there is of course the added benefit of keeping front of house fully aware of wait time etc.

The difference coming to 2016, is more investment in Smart Ovens. In a busy kitchen, these ovens are able heat different parts of the oven to accommodate different dishes which reduces the amount of spoiled food. This is another efficiency made that also links back to the KMS system that gives staff the opportunity to assess various situations. One thing to note is that all these efficiencies enable to staff to learn and improve as they go along and ultimately improve their customer experience.


We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all our Clients for their continued support this year. Most importantly we would like to wish all our staff, Clients and suppliers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2016!

Merry Christmas

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