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Costa 3 Peaks Challenge - We survived!

Posted 08 July Abbi Knowles

We have shouted from the rooftops about the fantastic achievement by our amazing walkers! Find out more about the Costa Foundation, the challenge and hear from Celestra’s Costa Project Manager, James Petrie and the challenge from his perspective


To complete the 3 highest peaks in the UK, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike & Snowdon – overall walking distance 27 miles. Overall driving distance 1000 miles.


The Costa Foundation’s first primary school opened in 2008 in Anatoli. It has been so successful and the numbers of children attending has grown so exponentially that the foundation decided to go back to the La Mesa community to build a new high school.

Visit the Costa Foundation and find out more about how all the money raised is being spent to build the new school.

Costa Foundation


The dedicated team of 7, soon to be known as the Magnificent 7, had a fundraising target of £2500. There was a great effort from everyone, especially over such a short period of time. Fundraising activities included a raffle where the top prize was a laptop, cake sales, a 3 Peaks Lunch and a desk sale. This was on top of the generous donations from friends, family and colleagues.

In total, the team raised just under double their target with £4056.20! A fantastic achievement!

The Walk:

“The determination and sense of achievement completely out did the aches and pains” James Petrie – Costa Project Manager

We set off on Friday 17th June at 6am to get up to Fort William for the opening brief at the Fort William Costa. We travelled across the border into Scotland in our trusty minibus with a strong wind behind us and fortunately made it in time for our briefing! We did have a couple of stops on the way to take in the picturesque scenery and give our amazing drivers a little rest. Once we had our Costa brief we made our way to our overnight accommodation – bunk beds in a hostel. It was great for team bonding. (What happens in the hostel remains in the hostel.) We all got to bed early, ready for an early start to climb our first peak setting off at 4am! – Ben Nevis. The walk itself was okay, the adrenaline was pumping and we were all really excited. By the time we got up there, we weren’t just out of breath physically but the views really did take what breath we had left away. We managed to reach the summit at 7am which was a great time for our first climb. Of course it was time for the obligatory photo shoot and update to everyone at Celestra.

Costa Ben Nevis

Then it was time to get back down to base camp, whilst dodging other teams competing on other events. We made it back down by 9am, grabbed some food, sorted our kit and headed back to the bus to make our way to Scafell Pike in Cumbria.

We started our climb up Scafell Pike at 6pm. The hardest part of the climb was the 1mile of steps, it felt like they would never end. When we finally reached the summit, after a couple of false summits which was not too soul destroying, with aching feet and legs at 8pm. Fortunately it was still light and we were able to take another group photo.

Costa Scafell Pike

Then it was time for the slow decent back to base-camp. Due to injuries and various other aches and pains, we got to a point where we walked backwards to try and give our muscles a little rest! We eventually completed our decent at 11pm, had a quick curry and loaded up the minibus for the overnight drive to Wales to climb Snowdon.

Unfortunately, the Magnificent 7 turned into the Famous 5 due to injuries, myself being one of them. Once we got to base-camp, the Famous 5 made their final kit adjustments and set off in good time at approx. 5am. With the thought and mind-set that this was the last peak, the team were able to set a good pace. Although it was raining and misty, the team still managed to get their summit selfie at 8am Sunday 19th June.

Costa Snowdon

Myself, my other injured comrade and our incredible drivers were so proud to see the Famous 5 make their last few steps and to have completed all 3 peaks! The team made their way back down where they were greeted with a heroes welcome.

Costa Heroes Welcome

With a nice cup of tea and a bacon butty and of course some celebratory photos, it was time for us to end our 3 peaks challenge and head home!

A massive thank you to everyone that has helped us achieve this! From our friends and family who supported us all with both our whinging about injuries and for getting us lots of donations, to our incredible drivers. Without our drivers we would not have been able to complete the weekend! They were both absolute stars!

Be sure to check out the Celestra Facebook page where you can see all the photos from our training and the full weekend!

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