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Celestra rushing for Little Lives

Posted 05 May Abbi Knowles

On 16th May, 25 brave Celestra #muddystars are taking the plunge and competing in the 6K Nuclear Rush Race to raise money for the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity – Little Lives.

Celestra rushing for Little LivesWhat is Nuclear Races?


The Nuclear Rush Race is a fast-paced, wet and muddy 6K obstacle course. It is designed to push participants to most of all have fun, but also to encourage participants to find their fire behind the mental and physical test of the course.

Check out the Nuclear Races Video for 2014 and find out exactly what the #muddystars are getting themselves into.

Who is Little Lives?

Little Lives

The Little Lives Appeal is run under Milton Keynes Health Care charity for the Hospital’s Neonatal Unit that cares for all babies that are born premature as well as babies that are unwell after they are born. Some of the babies admitted to the Neonatal Unit are born as early as 24 weeks through to 16 weeks early, often weight as little as 500 grams. This is equivalent to a small bag of sugar.

More than 350 premature and sick babies are treated in the Neonatal Unit every year, but with increasing demand for their services and an increasing population, they need an additional four high-dependency cots as well as extra space to accommodate them.

Little Lives Appeal

At Celestra, Little Lives is a charity close to the heart with direct experience with the team. The #muddystars taking part as well as the rest of the company hope that the money raised can go towards anything the Neonatal Unit needs to care for the babies that are currently with them and for those in the future.

Muddy Training


To ensure the team are fully prepared for the challenge on the day, they have been attending regular training sessions with Energise Mud Runners. The training sessions consist of various fitness training exercises as well as technique training for different obstacles.

More training photos

Help the #muddystars reach £3000

The target for Little Lives is £3000 and the team are working hard to reach it. Donations are being accepted via Just Giving and all go straight to the charity.

Donate Now

Keep up with the team on the day by following @Celestraltd and #muddystars.

If you would like more information about the Nuclear Races or Little Lives, get in touch on 01908 889500.


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