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Celestra raises over £3500 for BBC Children in Need

Posted 20 November Allan Gallop

Every year Celestra take part in BBC Children in Need. During the week Celestra staff took part in various fundraising activities to raise money with friends, family and staff. Check out all the photos and videos from the week on our Facebook page. To make any last minute donations please visit our JustGiving page.

To create a little competition, Celestra was split into 4 teams. Similar to the official theme “Be Your Hero” Celestra chose “Heros” and the teams were named accordingly.


Justice League

Justice League



Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy



Each team was responsible for their own fundraising for the week. At the end of the week, the numbers were counted and the team that raised the most was Team X-Men. They managed to raise over half of the total through various fundraising activities. Whilst there were dedicated activities on each day, throughout the week other games included “Guess how many sweets are in the tub”, “Guess the name of the cuddly dog”, Penalty shootout, Target practice and “Guess the baby photo”.


Cakes Cakes and more Cakes

Throughout the week, members of staff proceeded to fill the kitchen with lots of lovely treats. There were banana muffins, home-made fudge and cakes galore.

Guess the weight of the cake

Led by Team X-Men, the challenge was to guess the weight of the cake. At the end of the day, the results were in. A tie breaker question “How many people watched the GBBO final 2015?” was asked of Project Coordinator Darren Murphy and Finance Manager Sue Scotchings. Sue came closest with only 10 away from the actual number. The prize was the actual cake, which Sue kindly donated to the baking fundraiser.

Pool Competition

The first round of the pool competition took place on Monday and continued throughout the week. At the end of the week, John Stanton was announced victorious.

Pool Competition


Wii Bowling Competition

Similar to the pool competition, Wii bowling took place throughout the week. Unfortunately, no one was deemed victorious, although it was a lot of fun to play!


Curry Lunch

Team X-Men arranged an incredible curry lunch for all the staff on Monday. It consisted of sweet potato pakoras, lamb curry, chicken curry, home made naan breads, rice and John Williams’ secret recipe mango chutney.



Mexican Lunch

Team Justice League took responsibility of the staff lunch on Tuesday. They chose a menu of Mexican delights which included a variety of chicken dishes and rice.



Directors BBQ

Mark and John really pulled out all the stops to deliver their Directors BBQ. With three BBQs on the go and an extensive menu that included seasoned chicken, sausages and burgers along with vegetarian and gluten free options, the team were able to cater for all the staff and visitors on the day!  

Directors BBQ

Friday CIN Day

As it was actually Children in Need day, the whole company dressed up as various heroes, from Captain America and Superman, to Pudsey and one person came dressed as their car!

Whole Team


To get the whole family involved, members of staff entered their children into a colouring competition. All entries were incredibly creative and were great to have in the office! The winner was Radek Klimaszewski’s 9 year old daughter.

Colouring Competition

Hungry Hippos

Each team took part in the Hungry Hippo challenge. Not too dissimilar to the game we all played as children, this was a lot of fun and definitely was a lot of laughs. Check out Mark and John and the chaos they caused.


Dizzy Football

Outside, a dedicated goal was set up for dizzy football. This involved participants running in a circle on the spot and afterwards trying to score a goal. It was a little too much for some participants who needed a sit down afterwards.

Dizzy Football

Ice bucket challenge

Throughout the week, nominations were put forward for the Ice Bucket Challenge. Nominations were not only from the office, but online donations from engineers, friends and families. Annalisa Archer, James Petrie, Dale Collins and Perry Gemmell were the victims in this activity.

Ice Bucket Challenge


Leg Waxing

Team Justice League decided three unlucky teammates would have to have their legs waxed if they raised over £128. Fortunately they did and in the middle of the office their fate awaited them! Leg Waxing

The whole week was massive success and resulted in a total of over £3500. JustGiving is still open for donations and will be closed 20/11/15 at 3pm. Thank you to all those that have donated and taken part in helping us raise such an incredible amount for such a worthy cause. Check out all the photos and videos on Facebook.

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