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Celestra are awarded KFC IT Supplier of the year 2016

Posted 07 June Allan Gallop

KFC started working with Celestra in the summer of 2015. Initially this partnership consisted of developing and installing a network of Cisco Meraki APs across their equity and franchise estates to enable them complete coverage to deliver a higher standard of service delivery.

This year long project, gave KFC the confidence to award more projects to Celestra. Subsequently, Celestra have worked with KFC to install new till systems, cabled both equity and franchise sites, provided franchisee project management and installed comms cabinets in their restaurants to ensure that everything is connected to KFC’s Head Office.

KFC and Celestra’s relationship has become an IT partnership with the end goal of delivering expert installations and enhancing their IT services in their restaurants across the UK.

As a result of a great year and a growing account, Celestra were awarded KFC IT Supplier of the Year 2016 and were nominated for their overall Supplier of the Year 2016.

This award reflects the collaboration of efforts from both sides and is a testament to the focus and determination the Celestra KFC Account and Project team have achieved.

We are extremely proud to have been awarded this accolade and continue to deliver star solutions to KFC.

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