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Celestra achieve new fundraising record of over £5800 for BBC Children in Need

Posted 22 November Allan Gallop

With that time of year again, getting ready for BBC Children in Need resulted in a lot of planning, a lot of baking, preparing lunches, all that got our fundraising well under way.

Our target this year was £3500, however the generous donations exceeded this total and Celestra raised more than £5800. An incredible achievement and a massive thank you to our hardworking staff and to those that donated. Without this support, we would not have achieved this Celestra record.

All our photos are on our Celestra Facebook page and you can still donate via our JustGiving page.

The Celestra Children in Need Week


As with every year when we get ready to fundraise for Children in Need, we chose a theme and split the whole company into two teams. Our “The Really Wild One” theme was a big hit and got the momentum going for everyone. The teams were Team Mowgli or Team Shere-Khan – these were our “Really Wild” Jungle Book references.

Team Mowgliteam-mowgli

Team Shere-Khanteam-shere-khan

Each team was tasked with raising half the Celestra target at £1750 each. Whilst each team was responsible for their own fundraising, it created a lot of competition as departments were split up and had to get to their target total first and they all exceeded it.

Monday – Bake Off

We are very fortunate that a lot of staff at Celestra are keen bakers (perhaps thanks for the GBBO). Each team rallied together and the amazing treats that entered the Celestra kitchen could really have given Mary Berry a run for her money.

With so many goodies available, it was decided that not all the cakes could be eaten in one day, so luckily for everyone we were able to have special treats all week – of course donating each time you had a slice.

Team Mowgli – Bakingbaking-team-mowgli

Tuesday – Mowgli Mexican

Led by Team Mowgli, the Celestra kitchen turned into a slow cooker haven. We had chilli that was “blow your socks off hot” and the more milder kind. There were lots of tacos, nachos, cheese and an abundance of rice. The team raised a great amount and there was even enough for seconds – there was even a donation from the Ronald McDonald House Charity as they attended Celestra for a meeting.


Wednesday – Shere-Khan Curry

From Sag-aloo to a complete range of naan breads, Team Shere-Khan pulled out all the stops. Onion bhajis, vegetable samosas and a curry for every pallet. The team were able to feed the whole office and more. Luckily as a lot of people wanted seconds and sometimes a third sitting.


Thursday – Directors BBQ

As per their success from last year, our Directors decided to get their chef whites back on and get behind those BBQs and feed our whole office and visitors. The weather was not great and there was a moment of hail stones, but with perseverance and the knowledge that it was all for Children in Need made it more worthwhile!


Friday – The Really Wild One

Fancy dress, music quizzes, pie throwing, twerking, minute challenges, brave the shave, colouring in, eBay auctions and pizza; these were just a handful of the madness that took place on our final fundraising day.


Our whole week of fundraising was a huge success. JustGiving is still open for donations till Friday 25th November at 3pm. Thank you to everyone that took part and donated, we all had a great time raising such a worthy amount for such a great cause.

Remember you can catch up on all that we did with extra photos and videos via our Celestra Facebook.

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