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Celebrating Eight Great Years!

Posted 27 March Abbi Knowles

Today we celebrate our 8th year in business.  It’s a great excuse for cake, but it’s also an opportunity to hear what our Founders are thinking about their baby, Celestra.  So we held a little interview session and this is what they had to say.


What are you most proud of about Celestra today that you couldn’t have imagined was possible when you started the business in 2007?
John Williams  “Without a doubt, I am most proud of the exceptional team that we have on board.  The sheer size, expertise and performance of our team is truly remarkable.  We have over 130 incredibly talented people who give their all to delivering an excellent service for our customers. I believe we’ve got the best in the business working for us.”

Team Photo 2015

What do you think was Celestra’s greatest achievement over the past year?
Mark AdkinsIt would have to be achieving a record year in revenue and shattering the ambitious targets we set for ourselves.  We’re serving more customers more star solutions than ever before, including equipping them with the latest and best technologies.”
What was one of the funniest moments of the year?
Mark AdkinsWe have a lot of fun throughout the year, especially when the team go a bit bonkers fundraising for the charities we support.  I think the highlight for me personally was the day I received a picture from the team who had decided to join in on my wedding day with a little help from Photoshop!”


Looking ahead to the new business year, what are you most excited about?
John WilliamsI’m looking forward to Celestra continuing to serve star solutions to the UK’s best brands across hospitality and retail; and, expanding into new industries.  We’ve proven our ability to deliver high quality, custom solutions whatever the  circumstances and whichever the industry. Our values (known as our 5C’s) underpin this ability and bring a real advantage to our customers.”


We’re looking forward to another great year… and, of course, more cake!

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