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Buzz is back!

Posted 23 September Abbi Knowles

Our staff are so dedicated to their jobs and work extremely hard within all our departments. We often reward individuals for their commitment to excelling at their roles and we know it is important to acknowledge the hard work that the teams do as a whole too.

We currently have a Shining Stars award that recognises the amazing work various members of the team do, but we wanted to reintroduce an award that recognised whole teams and treat them to something special.

Buzz Selfie

Therefore, we now welcome back the “Buzz Award”. This is a special award as not only does Buzz stand proudly with the team that has won it, taking pride of place on the team desks or in their office, but he also takes the winning team for a lunch or dinner at one of our Clients’ brands.

Buzz and HR

As the first of many awards to come, the Buzz Award for August was given to the HR department for their exceptional hard work, that can go unnoticed. Sometimes we forget the behind the scenes work our HR department do, so it was unanimously decided that Buzz should take the HR ladies out for a treat of their choice.

Buzz took the HR department out to Costa for yummy caramel lattes and chocolate muffins. It just happened to be that Buzz suggested they took a trip to the local cinema to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby. The ladies had a great time and will be sad to see Buzz leave them for the September award.

Buzz at the cinema

Buzz is looking forward to getting together with the next team that is lucky enough to win! We are looking forward to more Buzz selfies and seeing where Buzz takes the next team.

Buzz flying to the next team

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