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The Benefits of Wi-Fi – The Customer Perspective

Posted 26 October Allan Gallop


A facility allowing computers, smartphones, or other devices to connect to the internet or communicate with one another wirelessly within a particular area.”

As a definition, this covers all areas of Wi-Fi in its simplest form. However, whilst the majority of the population know about Wi-Fi and use it on a daily basis, the power it holds is not always fully understood and how it can transform a customer’s experience.

This blog is the first in a series that explores the benefits of Wi-Fi in hospitality from a selection of perspectives.

It is easy to get carried away with writing what the benefits of Wi-Fi really are from a business perspective. For that reason we have interviewed two people for their thoughts on Wi-Fi and how they use it.

Wi-FiThe Customer Perspective

Elliott is 26 and often eats out with his partner and visits his local pub with friends.

What are your thoughts on Guest Wi-Fi?

Guest Wi-Fi is great as long as it doesn’t time out as soon as you log in. Too often, once you have filled in all your details, or had to reset your details because you have forgotten them, you end up losing signal. On the flip side, if there is a reliable signal you have the opportunity to stay connected for a lot longer and can do a lot more.

How often do you use guest Wi-Fi in restaurants and pubs?

I am constantly sharing on various social media sites. It is really useful to have guest Wi-Fi available because it means I can check in, tag people in my updates and share my pictures easily. Although I can do this once I have left but I like to share exactly what I am doing when I am doing it. If the service is there, I use it.

Have you downloaded any apps for your favourite restaurant or pub?

When I got my new phone I downloaded loads of apps. Primarily because I have a loyalty card for most of my favourite restaurants and they are all on apps now which means less cards in my wallet. However there don’t really do a lot so I am not sure what the point really is. Plus they do take up a lot of memory.

Have you ever received a discount code notification from any of these apps?

No. Although if I did, that would be great as I never get any discounts. It would definitely make me go there if it meant saving a little.

How do you like to pay?

Since the introduction of contactless and subsequently Apple Pay, I literally have no reason to carry my wallet. The only problem with this is when the payment machine has no signal. Once a waitress wandered off with my phone because the machine didn’t have enough signal. This worried me as I was concerned about where she was going with my phone. It also meant we ended up being delayed for the film we were going to watch.

How do you think restaurants and pubs can improve your experiences in the future with their guest Wi-Fi?

I hate that wherever you go, you try to log into their guest Wi-Fi and I have to input my information or log in. I forget what I use as my password or I am expected to fill out a long form. That is definitely something that should be sorted!

Also, when there are wireless services on offer like table payment, it would make sense that all the machines get signal in every part of the building. Otherwise it is no longer table payment and the waiting staff wonder about with the customers phone.

Sarah is 32 and loves going for cocktails with friends and often has business meetings offsite.

Have you noticed any changes when you meet up with your friends?

Other than we are all glued to our phones checking in on our families, it’s about how we order. Our favourite place has an app that you can order drinks directly from the table and because we all have the app, we are able to order from one phone and share the bill between us directly. It is so great and it means that we remain altogether rather than two of us going to the bar each time we want a drink. It also means we are able to pay for our own drinks and no one feels they are worse off.

Do you connect to the guest Wi-Fi to use this App?

Sometimes. It depends where we are sat. Unfortunately there isn’t always good enough signal for it to work. This does sometimes mean the app doesn’t always work which can be very frustrating.

Has Wi-Fi ever affected your decision to visit a restaurant, pub or coffee shop?

Socially, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. However I do occasionally have lunchtime business meetings and I have two places I like to go to because I know I can connect to their Wi-Fi and the connection is secure and reliable.

The Future

Evolving customer trends have been the instigator for a lot of change in hospitality. Understandably, customers now choose to dine whilst staying connected. This activity is no longer seen as anti-social but is now a pivotal part of everyday life.

As a result, more restaurants, pubs and the rest of the hospitality sector are adopting a stronger more resilient Wi-Fi solution that not only benefits their corporate requirements but also means they are able to satisfy their customers and enhance their experience.

Have a read of “Wi-Fi by Celestra – Prezzo Case Summary” and find out how Celestra is working with leading brands to accomplish an improved customer experience.

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