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Are robots taking over?

Posted 20 February Allan Gallop

Are robots taking over? I wrote an article at the end of February about robot delivery… Mainly about how they look like cool-boxes on wheels. However, since then I have noticed that whilst there has always been the understanding that robots will one day replace humans in some industries, I didn’t expect to see it so soon. This blog gives some great examples of robots at work and what they can deliver.

The Anthem of the Seas – The Bionic Bar

With two robotic mixologists waiting to take your order – there is no combination you can’t try. The Bionic Bar is a great technical example of streamlining efficiencies, adding a little flare and interest and creativity.

Miso Robotics – Flippy the hamburger-flipping robot

Miso Robotics specalise in artificial intelligence for restaurants and food providers and recently secured addditional funding to debut Flippy. Is this the next step McDonald’s will take as part of their Experience of the Future concept? Or will we self sufficient burger vans with no human in control of them? Is the next stage of Kitchen Management Systems – the “Kitchen Assistant”?

What do you think is next on the robotics agenda… robotic waiting staff/chefs perhaps?

How about a Boston Dynamics Robotic Dog that can open doors!!!

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