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The Appetite for Mobile Ordering is Growing

Posted 30 April Allan Gallop

Brands and consumers alike are becoming increasingly excited about the prospect of mobile ordering being more widely available in the hospitality sector. It’s more efficient, it looks good and in some examples has led to a higher average consumer spend.

This blog looks at some of the developments of mobile ordering along with the ingredients needed to make it a success. There is also an exploration into its effects and the future of mobile ordering.

The Ingredients

In the UK, mobile ordering is not a new technology. However, its uses have been evolving. Its origins stem from consumers finding it increasingly important to view a restaurant’s website before making the decision to visit. This could be to view the restaurant facilities or researching the menu. This is becoming more common as research by YouGov and Wix identified how people are becoming more frustrated with the lack of online facilities and how some websites were unresponsive so did not accommodate an on-the-go lifestyle.

Whilst there is the excitement towards mobile ordering, there is still some confusion as to what it actually is and its overall purpose. Whilst there is an association towards mobile POS with portable units that enable dynamic ordering, there is a much larger infrastructure behind it that enhances its benefits and functions.

How does this affect restaurants in particular?


Gone are the days waiting staff have to scribble orders on a notepad and the kitchen unable to read it. The future is ordering on a smartphone or tablet that already has the menu available to select from. However, the magic truly happens when you think further down the service chain. Impressively, with a reliable wireless internet connection dedicated to service and integrated software to accommodate, restaurants are able to streamline the process between front and back of house. This allows the kitchen to be scheduled and organises their cooking times as well as giving front of house the ability to determine wait times. As well as this, management are able to gather data directly from the POS system. It can highlight areas for improvement from waiting times and cooking times to upselling capabilities.

Additionally, looking at the bigger picture, it is clear the hospitality industry are following the trend of retailers in the multi-channel arena. In particular restaurants and clothing shops alike are keen to know exactly how their customers behave. By engaging in online activity with a brand, a customer becomes identifiable with a data passport; their email address. Therefore by linking that to their offline activity via an app, brands are able to consolidate a customer’s behaviour in a single customer view and ultimately offer personalised offers and discounts in real-time.

This in particular relates to how more restaurants are investing in their Wi-Fi connections. Importantly, consumers will notice Wi-Fi becoming even more freely available, but at a cost. That cost is an email address and sometimes a mobile phone number. This is the beginning of the data collection restaurants are adopting. This then allows devices to be identified and a pattern of behaviour can be determined. This in turn will result in more dedicated offers and promotions in the long run on an individual and personal level.

Multi-channel is the future of business, and it is important that the technical infrastructure is there to accommodate the demands being made.

The Future


The sun is shining and you’ve been staring out the window all day yearning to venture outside and enjoy and it. As the day draws to a close, you have the opportunity to get down to your local pub garden with friends. The problem however, is that everyone else has had the same idea. Everyone now has the struggle to find a seat, let alone get themselves to the bar. The result; a lot of disgruntled patrons.

This is not a new dilemma. However, the resolutions have somewhat changed as technology has evolved. This includes the likes of Just Eat and Hungry House enabling on-the-go ordering via an app and your food delivery arriving as you return home. Or On-Table Tablet Ordering where patrons can make their orders without the need to communicate it to any waiting staff. This not only allows restaurants to focus their workforce, but also gives patrons the opportunity to monitor the progress of their order

The future of EPoS and mobile ordering is exciting and the technology is available now. It is about obtaining the most appropriate solution to accommodate for the bigger picture.

Celestra strive to deliver star solutions through their dedicated team of professionals. As the hospitality industry continues to develop, it is a commitment by Celestra to ensure they are well equipped to provide to their requirements. This comes in part to providing comprehensive and customised star solutions.

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