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A Year at Celestra

Posted 19 April Abbi Knowles

When you reach a particular milestone in any role, it is a great opportunity to take a moment and look back at everything you have achieved. Sometimes we get so busy and focused on the task at hand and the plan ahead that we don’t really realise how much we have actually done and what impact that has on others. This blog represents taking a moment to think about the past year and my first at Celestra. Marketing Cupcake - A year at Celestra

What is your job role?

For the past year I have been responsible for all things marketing at Celestra. This has included managing the brand internally and externally, content creation, managing and forecasting spend, supporting sales and account management, organising events and managing internal communications.

My role is broad as far as marketing goes, however over the past year the role has evolved significantly. From predominately content creation as well as a focus on internal comms to now producing training videos, implementing an active social media plan and exploring more focus on external comms.

There is never enough time in the day to complete everything you want to achieve. However, I wouldn’t change that! This role is fast paced and at the moment it is in an environment where Marketing has never had a strong foothold. That outlook is changing as more elements of the business are seeing the benefits of all the marketing activities that take place.


What do you like most about working at Celestra?

As cliché as it sounds, it’s the people. Celestra are a family. A crazy, fun, loving family. No matter how big the company gets, I think there will always be that atmosphere. We talk about how caring Celestra is as a whole, but that caring element transpires into looking out for each other and helping each other succeed. Celestra for me, are an extension of my family. I spend over 40 hours a week with this group of people, and I wouldn’t change one of them!


How do the 5Cs impact your day-to-day activities and responsibilities?

A lot of companies set some core values that they want their staff to follow. When I first started, I got the concept of the 5Cs but I wasn’t sure if they were more a banner on the wall or if people actually related to them. Over the past year I can safely say that when times have been tough, or a little stressful and someone has asked a favour etc, I do always think (even if it is something I’d rather not do), “is that a can-do attitude” or “is there a way I can accommodate”. It really has become part of my working and professional outlook, which in turn has developed my professional relationships across all levels of the business.

By having the 5Cs everyone at Celestra has the same mind set. All working as a team, across different departments, being the best at their crafts and delivering it all from end-to-end.

Nuclear Races

What would you say to someone looking to work at Celestra?

No matter your area or level of expertise, you are considered an expert in your field. There is an extraordinary level of respect that transpires through every level of the business and quite often you don’t notice a hierarchy. However, one thing I have seen and experienced, is that if you work hard you will be rewarded.

Celestra is a great place to work. Not only day-to-day but all the added extras. The charity events I have taken part in, that I otherwise would not have done such as Nuclear Races, then there is Children In Need Week and the 3 Peaks Challenge later this year. Along with all of this are the staff events such as bowling and the summer Fete and of course the Christmas party.

My advice to anyone looking to apply to any of the roles at Celestra is to have a look at the Celestra website and read up on the 5Cs. If you think they apply to you and your outlook then definitely apply! I have seen a lot of growth in the past year and it is only going to continue!

Children In Need 2015

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