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A recap of 2017 and what's coming up in 2018 - Merry Christmas from Celestra

Posted 22 December Abbi Knowles

In December 2016, we posted a blog predicting trends for 2017. This included the focus on data for personalised promotions and technology becoming more prominent in everyday shopping experiences such as smart-mirrors and smart kitchens!

Whilst personalised promotions will undoubtedly continue, our data as consumers will be used to channel behaviour in an offline environment like never before. For example, table service where you input your email address and your previous order appears. Giving you as the consumer the option to re-order or order something new.

For 2018, it’s all about customer experience. The implementation of new technology isn’t just about streamlining efficiencies, but about enhancing the experience. Kiosks, Digital Menu Boards, Tablet ordering – This is where the IT installations is focused around. Speed of service with the use of Kiosks, a broader choice with digital menu boards and so much more.

Celestra’s 2017 Highlights

Our most notable moment in 2017 was celebrating our 10th birthday! Celestra have grown exponentially over the past decade and we even created a timeline infographic to document our progress.

We have seen our team, our services and our Client portfolio continue to grow. We have welcomed some great Clients in 2017 including Pizza Hut and Domino’s and continue to work with the likes of Whitbread, Coop and McDonald’s.

We have also had lots of new additions to the Celestra family, new work colleagues and 5 Celestra babies. Therefore, as we continue to grow, it only makes sense for us to take the next step…

What does 2018 have in store…

We made an announcement this month about our new building. This is an exciting time as we see in the end of our 10th year and begin a new year getting ready for the big move.

Celestra Christmas Support Hours

Over the festive period we will be making sure our Clients continue to have our Celestra support. During this time we will be providing an Out of Hours support service.

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