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A new face in the team, my experiences so far!

Posted 22 June Josef Hoccom

So, I joined Celestra 2 months ago and sitting down to write this and reflect, I ask myself where has the time gone?!

It’s always with a little trepidation that you enter a new job, especially for me coming from a completely different industry, Dental Health Care, into an industry with its own specialist knowledge and quirks.

I can safely say I had my ‘new job anxiousness’ initially – you know, that thing that everybody goes through, you question yourself is it the right decision?!  What is great is that this quickly fizzled out as the culture is super friendly and has a sense of familiarity about it.

You instantly feel absorbed into the milieu and this manifest itself into a sense of community and teamwork.  People really enjoy working here and they are experts in their field, which in turn exudes outwardly and clients therefore trust that Celestra can deliver. There is a culture where nothing ever is a problem, someone is always available to help without making you feel like a numpty!

There have been a few personal challenges over the last month, but one stands out as a clear contender is learning the ‘lingo’! There are Lots of abbreviations and sometimes it feels like a whole other language. Getting up to speed and learning that your HHT (Hand Held Terminal) is completely different from a PIIM (Project Internal Initial Meeting). Sometimes it really does make your head spin, but like riding a bike, perseverance is a key and you’ll get there in the end, I hope!

Another challenge I have faced is understanding what the business does, there is more to EPoS than just a till! The meticulous planning from making sure everything works through to the engineers and equipment reaching the site on time is an enormous challenge. When the unforeseen issues get thrown into the mix, it is by no stretch of the imagination an easy job, but the teams rally and get on with it and get the project delivered. Everyone working together really does make or break a project and this is what you don’t see as the end consumer.

Seeing first-hand how the teams of Shopfitters craft the space, Cablers provide the connections and engineers fit it all together has been a great eye-opening experience and a real crash course in what this industry is. I walk away with an added appreciation for what these guys do and how successfully they do it. Some of the projects and timescales these teams work to is mind boggling and I take my hat of to them!

What’s exciting for the future and my career is keeping pace with a company that has big plans. With a new building just around the corner and some new and exciting projects ahead its sure to be a challenging and interesting ride – watch this space!


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